Get the full Picture using an Aspect Quality Management Solution

By Ric Wilson – Product Manager
(Workforce Optimisation)

There are two people at the heart of every customer interaction, the customer and the agent.

How many times have you have listened to a recording of a customer interaction and thought “This sounds really great” at the same time – not knowing where the agent is gathering their information from?

To highlight this issue, here is a similar problem that occurred while I was working in a Call Centre in New Zealand.

Jimmy was an agent that would do the bare minimum to get through his day, however – Jimmy’s manager would always say “I don’t understand why Jimmy’s sales are so low – Jimmy is so customer and sales focused. Every time I walk past him, he is advising customers on the features and benefits of our products”.

Jimmy sounds like a wonderful agent – or too good to be true?

Well, what his manager didn’t know was that Jimmy was sitting in a Not Ready state and didn’t have a customer on the line. Every time the Manager passed him, he went into a great sales pitch to impress the manager.

To fully understand if any call is effectively handled, you need all the facts.

Aspect Quality Management gives you exactly this. With robust and flexible voice and screen recording, you can listen to the recorded call and watch what was happening on the screen at the same time.

This allows you to compare what the agent has said together with their actions during the call, which will give you the Full Picture.

Aspect Quality Management allows you to record based on Business rules as well as Record Back Office/Screen-only interactions (email, chat). You can easily evaluate agent performance using balanced scorecards. The flexible scorecard can be easily adjusted to meet unique business goals. A scorecard is easy to create with a question library already set up.

There is a full set of out of the box reports that allows you to provide a comprehensive view of all recorded interactions for a particular agent as well as by team or area. The trend report provides a trend view of an agent’s quality scores on interactions within a specified queue group over a specified period (week/month). Trends can help identify who consistently performs better on various criteria to help identify ways that further improvements can be made across the entire center.

There is an easy-to-use scoring calibration system which allows you to ensure that all your Quality Monitors, Team Leaders and Managers are scoring in a consistent manner. This ensures all agents are treated fairly.

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