ASUGA comes to Africa

by Ric Wilson

As a Senior Product Manager for Workforce Optimisation Products at Ninzi Connect Software. I have over 20 years’ experience in the Contact Centre Industry having working worked in the Telecoms and Banking sectors as well as Product Manager and Consultant for a Contact Centre Solution supplier. I have work experience in numerous countries around the world.

Workforce Optimisation is a suite of products that allows you to effectively manage your business.

Included in the suite are:
Workforce Management – is the process of balancing work to be done with the resources available to complete the work.
Quality Management – Aspect Quality Management offers essential call logging (full-time recording), speech and text analytics, quality monitoring and agent coaching capabilities that help improve the quality of your customer interactions.
Performance Management – Performance Management is a powerful framework for turning a multitude of data points into better decisions with KPI based reports and dashboards, alerting and notification, and workflow automation.
Back Office Optimisation – is about trying to optimise the resources that we use in the back office to process that work more effectively, generally on behalf of the front and the customer, ultimately delivering a better service.

Being a part of ASUGA (Aspect Software User Group Association) for 5 years has really benefitted me through the support and networking throughout the world.

ASUGA is an independent group of contact centre professionals dedicated to furthering our knowledge of Aspect products and keeping current with the trends in the customer contact industry. Their goal is to bring together like-minded users to share information and ideas. Since I joined, I have engaged with like-minded professionals from all round the world, sharing ideas and helping each other out with problems.
In the early days, there were times when I racked my brains trying to find a solution; I used the system help feature, User Guides, discussed with immediate colleagues and my own expertise. After posting my problem on the community I received various replies from people that had gone through similar experiences. They shared their scenarios and solutions with me and made suggestions to assist me which assisted me to successfully complete my tasks.
Since then I have also been able to assist many professionals that have experienced difficulties within their Workforce Optimisation roles.

Some of the benefits of getting a free ASUGA membership are;
• A members‐only space to share successes, concerns and helpful hints
• Customizable email notifications on the latest news
• A worldwide network of Local User Groups for online and in‐person networking for exchanging ideas about current product usage and newest industry trends
• Access to sponsored webinars, past ACE conference sessions, and live events
• An online Careers space to post or look for job openings
Membership is available to current, past, and future users of Aspect products and services. ASUGA’s
focus is on furthering the knowledge of our members.

ASUGA also have a local group for which I am the leader.

In the local group we share new information as it comes to hand from Aspect as well as organise local events such as Breakfasts or Lunches along with discussions and whiteboard sessions.
With the local group, you are able to Network with people in a similar position to you within your own Country.
You can find more information about AUSGA at, or contact me at

If you wish to join, please send me an email and I will set it up for you.
Looking forward to you joining us and growing the South African local ASUGA group.

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