Know your customer

Today’s customers engage via various channels and come from different backgrounds. While Baby Boomers (1946-1964) might still prefer post-mail and face-to-face conversations, Generation X (1965-1979) and Generation Y (1980-1994) post experiences and refer company brands on social applications.

Generation Z (1995-2010), on the other hand, have an entirely different perspective on life. Most Gen Zs are overindulged, materialistic, short tempered, and say: “Forget the Oxford Dictionary, I only need to remember words like 4ever = forever; 4rl = for real; AISI = as I see it; DP = Dear partner; FCOL= for crying out loud.” I often wonder how this generation will write business reports and run companies in the future.

Let’s not forget our latest, Generation Alpha (2010 onwards), who are born into the world of iPads and iPhones. Researchers says there are now 2.5 million Generation Alphas born around the globe each week, which equates to a staggering 1.3 billion over 10 years. They are the customers of our future. This generation might never know what a post office or municipal library looks like, and where do you think they will shop? On the World Wide Web. Yes, the truth is that our customers are slowly becoming digital media junkies.

A new age, commonly known as ‘the digital consumer’, has started and together with online shopping comes more demanding and more easily disappointed customers. Personalisation and the relationship with an individual is becoming more important than ever before. Customers these days want to feel important, and will pay to feel important. They will pay you for excellent service. Why not give that to them?

In order to deliver a superior customer experience, you need to reduce the number of defects along the customers’ journey and exceed their expectations in delivering a constant high standard of customer service.

In the digital space, one of the biggest challenges is about guiding your customer from the time they enter your Web site all the way through to conversion, while delivering a returning customer experience. Statistics show 74% of online shopping carts are abandoned by potential customers, who leave sites without making a purchase. That number jumps to 97% when customers swap to shop via a mobile device.

This presents two major challenges for e-commerce businesses. Firstly, what must businesses do to increase sales conversion rate on their Web site; and secondly, how can businesses optimise their digital consumers’ mobile experience to drive sales and maximise revenue? This is where Ninzi-Connect’s innovative Customer Experience Platform can help.

The Ninzi Customer Experience Platform (NCXP) delivers self-service across multiple engagement channels such as chat, e-mail, text/SMS, Twitter, video chat and voice. Its integrated framework supports any mobile device and gives the ability to develop self-service applications once and deploy them across voice, text, Web or social channels. Additionally, it delivers an intuitive Web-based interactive assistant as customers navigate through your Web site.

NCXP self-service

Customers these days try to help themselves before going to a human interface. By offering self-service, you can reduce service costs through instant messaging and SMS, as these channels are about one-hundredth the cost of a live-agent phone call.

Providing customers with options that fit their needs and preferences increases self-service adoption rates so that fewer customers require live-agent assistance. Outbound messaging includes low-cost, actionable reminders that enable customers to perform transactions such as confirm a scheduled appointment or pay a past-due bill. Additionally, proactive outbound messaging offers a highly effective way to predict inbound call volume related to marketing campaigns.

NCXP interactive virtual assistant

Ninzi-Connect’s interactive virtual assistance provides guided relevant engagement to your customers throughout their digital journey. Intelligent algorithms offer best products or services to your customers, while maintaining context of all page visits, clicks and cart values.

Providing targeted online communication and assistance increases your customer loyalty and drives conversion. Intelligent dashboards track performance against goals across multiple devices, so you can align business strategies to improve outcomes.

Show your customers they mean a lot to you. Personalise, contextualise and create a seamless proactive customer experience with Ninzi’s Customer Experience Platform.

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