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About Ninzi-Connect Software

Ninzi-Connect is a telecommunications and customer engagement solutions company. Ninzi-Connect have over 20 years experience in providing contact centre management solutions which add value to customer experience. Ninzi-Connect solutions include call automation, interactive voice response, workforce optimisation, interaction recording, quality management, business analytics and automation. Our solution offerings are designed to create productive business processes and drive performance in the contact center and back office environments.

Ninzi-Connect offer products and professional services for Unified Communications which include:

  • Inbound handling of Voice, Email, SMS, Web Chat, Instant Messaging and Fax.
  • Outbound call automation for predictive, progressive and preview dialling.
  • Integral Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for call automation and self-service delivery with delivery to contact centre agent with simultaneous screen pop showing caller details.
  • Integral Voice and Screen Recording for compliance and quality management.
  • Back Office Optimisation with integrated Workforce Management, Scheduling, Forecasting and Performance Management.
  • Desktop Analytics and Automation solutions for both the contact centre and the rest of your organisation to provide a detailed understanding of all workflow processes and the means to improve them for greater efficiency.
  • Custom reporting with support for real-time and historical reports, wallboards, mobile devices across the unified platform and other external data sources.
  • Workforce management systems for staff scheduling, forecasting, tracking, real-time adherence and agent productivity reporting of inbound, outbound, blended and multi-media platforms.
  • Customised service engagements to facilitate technology deployment and to ensure that the systems deployed are optimised for their maximum business benefit.
  • Application development and Computer telephony integration.
  • Certified trainers provide extensive training ensuring our customers are able to maximise the use of their contact centre solutions. We provide standard courses and will develop customised courses to meet specific requirements.
  • A structured methodology for implementing complex contact centre technology solutions. We ensure that customers are involved throughout the project and that their expectations and business objectives are always met, from design and specification through to implementation to on-going support.
  • Maintenance and support services tailored to meet your needs.

Ninzi-Connect fully understand that complex customer environments demand significant interaction between our professionals and the customer’s administration team, it is not enough to deliver a world class solution without ensuring that it is used to its full potential.

Our Strategic Business Solutions team will engage with your organisation to fully understand your requirements and objectives and work with you in implementing a solution to fully meet your needs.

Ninzi-Connect is a B-BBEE accredited company.

Social Responsibility

Each year, Ninzi-Connect awards bursaries to pupils of Bordeaux Primary.

This year, Ninzi-Connect have 4 new pupils from Bordeaux Primary to whom we awarding bursaries to.

Ninzi-Connect management were invited to Bordeaux Primary to meet the 4 pupils nominated by the school to receive a Ninzi-Connect bursary. We met the school management team together with the pupils including their parents and guardians. Members of the school governing body also attended.

The principal of Bordeaux Primary introduced the teachers and pupils after which Richard Shaw the MD for Ninzi-Connect introduced the Ninzi team to the meeting. The principal swelled with pride as each pupil confidently delivered a note of appreciation for the bursary awarded. During these talks the pupils and parents were very emotional and included a few instances of shedding tears of joy.

In the meeting, the Bordeaux Primary principal and a member of the school governing body said a few words of thanks to Ninzi-Connect for their generosity and for helping both Bordeaux Primary and their pupils. It was a morning filled with "life's lessons", gratitude, and appreciation for the 'basic things' in life. Once again Ninzi-Connect were able to brighten the way of 4 pupils while sharing the load of educating 'tomorrow’s leaders'.

Thank you to Ninzi-Connect for giving bursaries to pupils from Bordeaux Primary every year and thank you to Bordeaux Primary for always making the occasion so special.