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CallMiner Eureka – Intelligence from Customer Interactions


How Speech Analytics Is Changing The Way Businesses Experience Contact Center Management.

28 October 2020

Technology has made one of the largest impacts in the business world. And in the 21st century, the introduction of real-time audio to speech analytics has amped up one of the most key resources of any organization, the contact center.
CallMiner Eureka is a SaaS-based, customer engagement analytics platform that leverages AI and machine learning to capture, transcribe, and reveal insight from 100% of your customer interactions.
Every single corporation that has indoctrinated this software into their contact center management process has achieved never before experienced success rates. Let’s have a quick look at how you too can inherit this unique competitive advantage with the help of our revolutionary new product!


The primary purpose of Eureka is to ensure that calls get shorter so that your team can handle more calls. Furthermore, it also introduces the aspect of AI-powered operation streamlining. Our studies show that any contact center using Eureka can significantly cut down on their per-call handling time, and due to its real-time performance capability, any team can ensure that a much greater number of calls are made per year. So, almost every client who had to previously wait does not have to wait anymore!


This is of course possible due to the state of the art speech analytics system that serves as the core of Eureka. It utilizes your current call-recording infrastructure and ensures that any and all issues faced by agents while dealing with a call can be identified and dealt with. So, the performance level of your team automatically rises and the entire process becomes glitch-free.


Technical aspects aside, with the help of Eureka you can build a better contact center team. Not only does this software allow your agents to resolve issues faster, but it also boosts their overall performance since they now have to stay on each call for a lesser amount of time. Furthermore, the understanding of the case being presented to them is made clearer. The automated analysis system provides key data that allows them to choose the best possible means of dealing with each client. The result? An imminent increase in the first call resolution rates!


The build of Eureka is made to be KPI centric. So, the success of your business will achieve is not generic. Rather, it is the success that you are looking for and that which will provide you with the necessary market edge. If you need a management system that gives you the ideal performance capability, Eureka is clearly the best choice.


You can never ask enough customers whether they have truly been satisfied with the performance of your agents. But with the help of speech analytics, you can actually know where the satisfaction lies. The software actively studies the speech patterns of both the customer and the agent, and based on data analytics provides you with a detailed performance level of each call. This further allows you to create a process that always succeeds, always satisfies, and keeps engagement levels at maximum.


A satisfied customer is a customer retained. That is the motto we believe in, and that is the power our software will bestow upon your contact center team. Eureka enables multiple AI-powered systems to help agents make the best out of each call. We have unlocked the key to measuring satisfaction in the most realistic way possible, and now it is available to you for achieving success!


Micromanagement is the death of a good contact center team. But what else can you do? Ensure that you employ a data-centric system that uses every possible metric to allow the management team to make the best possible decisions. We call this rapid business insight. What it basically provides is real-time data of every employee, every call, and every customer’s satisfaction levels. So, the performance level of the management is easily enhanced and much of it can be left to automation.


This AI-powered constant monitoring and evaluation process helps the agents become better at their jobs, and it also allows the management of the much-required breathing space. Lesser manual effort means lesser costs and more profits! We have also noticed that this helps the best when it comes to sales teams. With continuous feedback, process managers are able to identify the sales tactics that are performing the best and allow other agents to adopt those tactics. Eureka guarantees you more effective sales calls through a streamlined management process.


Another key aspect provided by Eureka is the ability to monitor all possible risks to the organization and the process. Be it language control, corrective action, investigation, or privacy protection; any and all processes are performed with the least budget required and the best possible outcomes. You can ideally ensure that every agent on your floor is 100% compliant with your brand and furthermore create a process that always works.
Eureka is not simply a management software for your contact center. It is the ultimate tool that brings the best of AI analytics and real-time management all under one roof. Customer engagement is truly the key to brand success in today’s world, and with the help of real-time data-based decisions, you can ensure this success at every possible level.
Introduce Eureka to your contact center management team and feel the difference for yourself. Use your data to its advantage and never have a call fail you!

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