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Aspect Back Office Optimisation

Aspect Advanced Back Office Optimization is an application for personnel and work optimization that can fully leverage Enterprise technologies, like unified communications and collaboration, to seamlessly connect back office professionals and enterprise knowledge workers across virtually any communications channel to enable collaboration. Advanced Back Office Optimization unites workforce management, work management and performance management capabilities, enabling you to deliver a new and better way to allocate resources, track performance and ensure quality process.

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Aspect Performance Management

Aspect Performance Management can be configured to meet the broadest range of data sources, metrics, dashboards, reports, forms, alerts, and workflows. Aspect Performance Management integrates data management, dashboards, analytical reports, business user administration, as well as integrated workflow features. All features are tightly integrated in one code base.

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Aspect Pro-Active Engagement Suite

The Aspect Pro-Active Engagement Suite is a powerful platform that drives all outbound campaigns and communications applications. It support Omni-Channel engagement giving customers the ability to choose which channel (SMS ,IM, social media, voice) to engage on.

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Aspect Quality Management

Aspect Quality Management provides call logging (full-time call recording), sophisticated speech analytics and flexible agent quality coaching capabilities that help you derive value from the knowledge you gather with every customer interaction. It helps drive improvement to people and processes by allowing you to easily evaluate agent quality performance, identify and act on important customer trends and can play a vital role in a company’s overall plan to address compliance guidelines (such as PCI DSS).

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Aspect Social

Aspect Social turns social media monologues into cost-effective, productive dialogues that grow customer value. Whether you are leveraging social channels for brand awareness and promotion or providing social customer care options for service, Aspect social can help your business manage social customer engagements in a coordinated and differentiated way. Make sure every social interaction delivers on your customer promise and fosters the kind of long-lasting customer loyalty that grows bottom line results.

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Aspect Unified IP

Aspect Unified IP is a next-generation customer contact solution. Unified IP from Aspect is a complete software-based unified solution for managing customer service, collections, sales and proactive contact business strategies, Aspect Unified IP provides inbound, outbound and blended capabilities across voice, email, web chat, IM, social and SMS channels. The platform also builds upon existing technologies to provide maximum investment value with advanced functionality for self-service, automation, recording and quality management, administration, and reporting across multiple sites and solutions.

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Aspect Workforce Management

Aspect Workforce Management provides essential workforce management forecasting, scheduling and tracking functionality for customer service, collections, and back office environments. The solution includes flexible, robust strategic planning that enables you to evaluate multiple staffing scenarios to determine optimal staff and resource requirements for your inbound, outbound, blended, and back office operations.

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No matter the size or type of your operation, your future is built on how you engage and interact with the people who contact your organization. Whether you're a large telemarketing firm or a small company’s support staff, even if you’re not a large contact center, you're still the center of contact. And every aspect of your organization’s success starts and ends with how your staff handles this engagement and interaction.

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Softcom Technologies Corporation is a provider of real-time reporting solutions including the InsideEdge Business Analytics suite for Aspect Unified IP. Easy to use, scalable and robust, InsideEdge will bring added value to UIP customers by enhancing reporting and data analysis, both real-time and historical, while providing greater flexibility and easier access to their data.

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Mobile Self-Service

Self-service is now often the first choice when your customers have a question – with a recent survey showing 81% prefer to use a self-service to resolve their queries. As mobile devices have become widespread, self-service has grown from simple interactive voice response (IVR) applications to a robust ecosystem of ways for customers to access information, including SMS, mobile web applications or social media.

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Digital Self-Service

Digital self-service proactively engages customers with relevant content as well as knowledge, chat and email engagement channels.

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