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Aspect Back Office Optimisation

Aspect Advanced Back Office Optimization is an application for personnel and work optimization that can fully leverage Enterprise technologies, like unified communications and collaboration, to seamlessly connect back office professionals and enterprise knowledge workers across virtually any communications channel to enable collaboration. Advanced Back Office Optimization unites workforce management, work management and performance management capabilities, enabling you to deliver a new and better way to allocate resources, track performance and ensure quality process.

"Ensure your back office delivers what your front office has promised"

While the back office is often overlooked by even the most customer-focused organizations, studies find that over 70% of the human resources needed to deliver on the customer experience are found within the back office, accounting for 17% of customer loyalty rankings. By optimizing back office execution – with a focus on people, process and insight – organizations can turn the back office into the new engine for exceptional customer experiences and recognize productivity gains of as much as 40% in the process.

Customer interactions don’t stop with the front office. Today’s interactions are more complex and require coordination across the entire enterprise to ensure that customer expectations are met predictably. Many interactions require the back office to deliver on the customer promise that the organization has made.

The average middle or back-office process involves 10 or more systems and manual processes involve 40% of middle and back office labour.

This is why Aspect® Advanced Back Office Optimization provides organization with a purpose-built solution for not only improving back office productivity but also harmonizing the front and back office processes to achieve better enterprise synergies, higher utilization rates across all operational resources, and better customer outcomes. Aspect Advanced Back Office Optimization helps organizations to:

By optimizing back-office execution with a focus on people, process and insight, organisations can turn the back office into the new engine for exceptional customer experiences and recognise productivity gains of as much as 40% in the process.

With Aspect® Back Office Optimizer you can:


The Optimizer Software Suite

Work Manager

Allows users to capture multi-channel work inputs such as tasks within an end-to-end customer process and then allocate these to available processing staff identified both in terms of availability (attendance) and capability (skills).

Operational Intelligence

A browser-based module that consolidates information from work manager to provide a higher level of operational overview to those who need to analyse performance across groups or make comparisons, or make work and people allocation decisions to maintain service and performance standards.

Work Scheduler

An application that can be used to automatically allocate work to team members based on predefined rules and unique team requirements. This is especially useful for teams who undertake many small tasks on a frequent basis throughout the day.


This is a utility that allows customers to move historic and inactive data from a production database to an archive database for long term storage, and balances the requirements of usability with legal and compliance controls.

File Import

The file import module can be used to automatically upload and transform data into work manager. Files may be uploaded at any time in and supports flexible formats which allow many different systems to be supported, simultaneously if required.


Designed for forecasters and resource planning professionals working in Back Office processing environments, it provides a forecasting tool with functionality, algorithms and outputs appropriate to complex multi-step processing.

Data Capture

Enables real-time efficient data capture from any desktop application, telephony environment and people in an operation. Work items can be captured via a range of capabilities from manual data entry through file import to full integration. The events can vary from simple one and done operations to complex multi-stage processes. Data Capture integrations do not require any changes to the coupled application. Data capture works with any desktop analytics product that the customer chooses.

Integration Services

A set of services designed to be used with an Event Driven Architecture to capture changes in work states as they occur. An example of this would be a piece of white mail is received, scanned and indexed.

Data Views

Exposes specific sets of data from the Operational Intelligence database in order to generate ad-hoc reports, save them for later use and/or export them to other applications such as Microsoft Excel.

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