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Aspect Pro-Active Engagement Suite

The Aspect Pro-Active Engagement Suite is a powerful platform that drives all outbound campaigns and communications applications. It support Omni-Channel engagement giving customers the ability to choose which channel (SMS ,IM, social media, voice) to engage on. It features the following purpose-built, fully customisable applications:

Aspect Survey

Conducts fully automated surveys and identifies customers problems on the spot. It provides a cost-effective way to find out what your customers really think about you and enabling you to act immediately to avoid unwelcoming feedback. Smart routing will connect the customer to an agent or employee best suited for the job. Using automated survey strategies you can free up your agents for more sophisticated customer service requests and ultimately reduce costs.

Aspect Collect

Is a comprehensive collections solution designed to measurably increase payment rates and improve overall business efficiencies. By leveraging Omni-Channel communication strategy, blending inbound and outbound channels as well as intelligent automation, you can maximize business outcomes in your favour. Aspect Collect integrates seamlessly with Aspect Advanced List Management so that you can further increase the opportunity to profitably interact with debtors by markedly increasing right party contacts.

Aspect Verify

Is a suite of technologies for monitoring, identification, prevention and notification of fraudulent activities. Aspect Verify proactively engages with the account holder in real-time to provide automated out of band authentication. Notification options target both the organization and the customer and include system-level alerts as well as phone calls, SMS, and email. Aspect Verify allows you to manage the ongoing communication with the customer once fraud has been detected.

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