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Drive Efficiency and Service Improvements Using Advanced Reporting and Analytics.

Companies lose millions of dollars every year by not harnessing the data that is readily available within their enterprise. Analytics gives you the power to synthesize large amounts of data to extract valuable insights upon which you can act to achieve your objectives. The ability to summarize and synthesize large amounts digital data into useful form has been available for decades.  However there have been many advancements in analytical tools to allow more efficient and effective investigation that get you to important insights from what appears to be unserviceably large and diverse data sets. In addition, new technology enables formerly unstructured data (such as voice) to be converted to a structured digital form that can become part of the valuable data embodying customer interactions in your contact centre.

  • Introducing the capability for agents to analyse real-time competitive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) compared to their peers have yielded 20% decreases in average handle time (AHT), allowing contact centres to maintain consistent service levels with fewer agents.
  • Using predictive analytics, contact centres have realized 10% improvements on service levels without staffing changes. Utilizing “Actionable Data” by providing supervisors not only information but best recommended actions, ensures consistent and efficient processes, regardless of individual skill.
  • Providing timely information and guidance to agents on critical contact centre KPIs, increases agent Corporate Loyalty, increasing their engagement while driving decisions with favourable outcomes to corporate initiatives, by over 50%.

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