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Alvaria Verify

Alvaria Verify is a convenient SaaS solution that keeps the customer experience at the center of fraud prevention and detection in today’s digital, mobile world. It goes beyond prevention and detection by managing the ongoing communications on an Omni-channel platform when communication needs to be initiated with the customer. By engaging your customers in a seamless, automated two-way dialogue wherever they are, you are better positioned to mitigate the risk factors while enhancing the relationship with your consumers.

Verify offers a range of supporting applications – all modular in design, allowing one or all to be used depending on your needs and the potential risks. These modules include:

  • SIM Swap Detection – Alvaria Verify establishes whether a fraudster has obtained a duplicate SIM card, thus posing as a consumer.
  • Location-based Services – Alvaria Verify identifies the location of a customer’s device in relation to known fraud hotspots, establishing historical patterns of mistrust as an indicator of potential fraud.
  • Proximity – Alvaria Verify assesses the location of the customer’s mobile device in relation to a consumer action being conducted. For example, it compares the location of the mobile device to the location where the transaction is being initiated.
  • CLI Detection – Alvaria Verify detects inbound communications that are using spoofed caller IDs, flagging them as a potential risk and protecting you and your customers.
  • USSD – Alvaria Verify’s USSD channel allows you to offer customers an interactive menu-driven solution that is easy-to-use and is compatible with all GSM devices. This prevents communications from being forwarded to a different device in order to conduct fraudulent activity.

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