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Aspect Software announces merger with Noble Systems to form Alvaria, Inc.

It gives us great pleasure to share the Aspect announcement made about the merger of Aspect and Noble Systems, to form a new company, Alvaria.

This is a proud moment for Aspect and culminates the hard work put in by everyone involved in the last two years to turn around the fortunes of business. The combined new company has ~1800 customers globally, $400M in revenue, 75% of it in recurring revenue, $140M in cloud revenue and a market valuation of $1.2 Billion. Aspect’s investment in premise solutions stays intact and it will continue in the future. Aside of the premise solutions, where it is available, Alvaria will continue to offer the cloud solutions both in private and public cloud. Aspect recognize that customers ask for choices and are committed to continue making the right investment to provide it to them.

What Aspect have done is switched on the new phase but the integration between two companies will be done over a period of several months and are looking at September 2021 as the target for a fully integrated company.

Till then it is very much business as usual and Aspect/Noble will continue to function as they were before but under a combined leadership team led by our CEO, Patrick Dennis.

Since customers will be interested in knowing what it means for them. Noble has, within their portfolio, Gamification and analytics platforms which will make our offering complete along with the contact center and WEM platform that Aspect brings to the table.

Backed by a strong financial performance, customers will have the security and confidence of doing business with a company which is valued in excess of a billion dollars.

These are exciting times at the new company – Alvaria

Aspect and Noble are now Alvaria!

Please see the press release here and you can learn more about the new company from the newly launched website –

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