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Comsys partners with Asterlogic


Comsys partners with Asterlogic, and offers homeworkers monitoring solution.

Comsys announced that entered into a partnership agreement with Asterlogic, and that they will offer Asterlogic’s homeworkers monitoring solution to the markets of Greece and the Netherlands.

Asterlogic is headquartered in the United Kingdom and specializes in the development of value-add solutions that drive employee performance. Especially for the needs of remote working, Asterlogic has developed AgenTrak, an application which allows companies to monitor in real-time their home-based staff.

Steve Spratt, COO of Asterlogic stated, “We are delighted to partner with Comsys for our expansion in Greece and the Netherlands. Their expertise in implementing sophisticated technology solutions combined with AgenTrak’s innovative capabilities will empower businesses to meet the challenges of the new market conditions.”

Petros Tritsinis, Marketing Director of Comsys, noted: “The pandemic has transformed the way companies operate. Through our partnership with Asterlogic we enable enterprises to ensure their remote personnel is productive and adheres to corporate processes.”

To find more about AgenTrak click here.

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